selected date: 17 April 2021

Make a reservation in a few steps

You will receive a detailed confirmation of your reservation by email with all details (including the address where you must report). Take this confirmation to the boat owner, this can be printed or digital.

Due to the corona virus, we only rent out according to the guidelines and measures prescribed by RIVM and the government, among others. Some important points are:

  • Boat rental per boat maximum 1 household
  • Restaurants are closed
  • Canal cruises are not currently done

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Boat Giethoorn

🌍 Giethoorn βœ… 1-6 persons βœ… electric propulsion ❌ steering wheel ❌cushions

Prices and reservations


Maximum 1 persons Price € 15

Prices and reservations

Consoleboot Turfgraver

🌍 Giethoorn βœ… 1-7 persons βœ… electric propulsion βœ… steering wheel ❌cushions

Prices and reservations

Sloop Wiede Luxe

🌍 Giethoorn βœ… 1-8 persons βœ… electric propulsion βœ… cushions βœ… steering wheel

Prices and reservations


🌍 Giethoorn βœ… 1 person βœ… Driverslicense

Prices and reservations